Launch Pad, Day Five, Mike Brotherton on resources about exoplanets

This is one of the fastest changing fields, so you can’t stay up to date from text books.

Mike’s online resources on exoplanets, including videos and video lectures

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There’s also a website with a list of all the different kinds of planets we’ve found, including (but not limited to) earth-like planets.

There are two more links Mike likes for cataloging planets and their properties:, basic catalog information, and sortable.

Also, the Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia.

A text book will be out of date in a couple years, but these websites will stay up to date.

Also, there’s Lynette Cook’s space art of extrasolar planets. We see artist renderings because the way we detect the planets is with eclipses and little wiggles, which are great news stories, but hard to visualize.