The Third Bear Arrives! (and a couple cool books)

UPDATE: Great Third Bear review in the Sacramento Book Review.

“One of our very best contemporary practitioners of the fantastic. Superb prose, overwhelmingly odd situations, and fascinating, eccentric characters.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

On the heels of a great review by PW, The Third Bear has arrived on our doorstep, festooned with blurbs by, among others, Cat Valente, Junot Diaz, and Mike Mignola. Although the official publication date is late July/early August, it appears to be available on Amazon (where right now you can buy it along with China’s Kraken for a ridiculous price).

Collections tend to underperform compared to novels, so I appreciate your giving it a shot.

Two other books entered the house today that require a little extra attention, under the cut.

I have a blog post in draft about anthologies from a writer’s POV, but I’m a little under the weather and may not post until Friday. We’ll see.


  1. JesseBird says

    Any chance we can get a little more info on that “We were nine three are dead” book? An amazon and google search comes up with nothing.