Borne from Subterranean and The Situation Comic by Eric Orchard

A couple bits of news. First off, Subterranean Press will publish my long novella “Borne” as a stand-alone book in 2011, in both trade and limited editions. The limited will come with a chapbook, probably of the comics script for “The Situation.” “Borne” is a loose sequel to “The Situation,” and features the narrator of that story as a secondary character, as well as the employee-turned bear character of Mord.

Which brings me to the second bit of news. As some of you may remember, Eric Orchard has been working on a web comic version of “The Situation” for He’s got about 20 pages inked, with 40 to go. Here’s a sneak peek at two pages, without lettering…


  1. says

    Good news. Those pages really are good-looking. The pelt has (to me) an almost tactile look, as opposed to a lot of sequential art that just strikes me as pretty or well-rendered.

  2. Steve Turner says

    Love the bear pics, really cool. And the last pic is positively creepy. Can’t wait to see the completed work.