Comic Con Special Guests: Me ‘n’ Ann, Join Us July 25

Comic Con is being kind enough to fly us out to San Diego (and thus do a Good Thing for Clarion, which we’re teaching at right after). We’re not sure of everything we might be doing, but they’ve definitely signed us up for a “spotlight” feature, description below. Please come join us. We will have very cool visuals! Woo-hoo.

Sunday, JULY 25, 10:30-11:30am, ROOM 8 (followed by signing):

Spotlight on Ann and Jeff VanderMeer: Dr. Lambshead, Steampunk, Weird Tales, Imaginary Animals, and You: Join Weird Tales editor and Hugo Award winner Ann VanderMeer and her World Fantasy Award winning husband, writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer as they take you on a whirlwind visual exclusive inside look at a cornucopia of exciting new projects, from The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, featuring work by Mike Mignola and Greg Broadmore, to the Steampunk Bible coffee table book, from the rejuvenated Weird Tales to the insanely entertaining Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals, featuring recipes for Cthulhu by Ace of Cake’s Duff Goldman. With discussion, interrogation, arguments, and er, Mongolian Death Worms. Nom nom.