Finch in the UK

A close-to-final of the Atlantic/Corvus British Commonwealth edition of Finch, out in August–I captured the screenshot a little off-center. The UK edition will be hardcover followed by oversized mass market, while in the rest of the commonwealth it will be a trade paperback. You can preorder the hardcover here.

This is my first trade hardcover in the UK. City of Saints was tp with a limited hc.


  1. says

    Is the St. Paul’s-esque building deliberate?

    Kind of reminds of the Soviet sci-fi covers you see kicking around. I like it and look forwards to purchasing it!

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I’m not sure, Dylan–they went with something that’s more stylized than representative of anything in the book. Although fungal tendrils most definitely have a role to play!

  3. Hellbound Heart says

    very nice, but i like the us cover better….
    hope it sells truckloads over in the uk!

  4. says

    Quite a lovely cover, though sadly England is going to have to do a lot better than that if it hopes to make up for the humiliation of Green’s goalkeeping…