Back from Vancouver Island…Book Haul!

(Two books, one new, one old, that I am eager to read.)

Well, our vacation for our eighth anniversary was amazing–Victoria, Salt Spring Island, Tofino. Stunning landscapes, insane drives (um, out to Port Renfrew in fog and heavy rain is like some kind of Mad Max adventure), and lots of relaxing. We didn’t take many photos, because…well, we couldn’t be bothered.

But we did take along and buy a lot of books…because, yeah, we need more books…A sampling below. Butler and a couple of others to reacquaint ourselves with stuff we’d read before. Some trashy paperbacks because they’re fun. There’s one below about a secret Finnish society in the valleys of Montana–more on that in a separate blog post…

And came home to a nice present from The Church, and the Romanian Predator from my friend who is sometimes naughty, Big Bad Bear.


  1. jeff ford says

    Jeff: That Colin Wilson Poltergeist is great. And I’m a fan of Hawkline Monster. I’ve heard a lot about Gerald Kersh, but never read anything by him. Do you like his fiction?

    Jeff Ford

  2. says


    Yeah, I’m reading Poltergeist now. it makes me want to do a roundrobin interview with writers who write supernatural fiction, asking if they believe in ghosts and why.

    Kersh is kind of anti-weird. Most of his stories the supernatural element tends to have a logical explanation, or he deals in Decadent-style grotesquery. I kinda like him sometimes. I’m not really sure yet.

  3. jeff ford says

    Poltergeist gave me the yips both times I read it. That Bell Witch story is some wacky grim shit. I just saw you had a Rampo collection there too. I like that story where the guy hides in the chair. Good haul.

  4. says

    Bell Witch? My ancestors lived a few farms over (or about 20 miles) from the Bells when those events took place. Never really have read a fictional piece on it, though.

  5. GB Steve says

    Edogawa Rampo is great, and not just his name. I’ve got the Langdon Jones collection in my attic somewhere but I can’t for the life of me remember the contents. A nice looking haul!

  6. says

    Hey, I bought that exact Krizhizhanovsky at City Lights in San Francisco in the company of a couple of miscreants, from memory…

  7. Hellbound Heart says

    not fair….. (in a petulant voice)

    peace and love……

  8. Simon says

    Hawkline Monster is definitely one of Brautigan’s best, such an amazing novel.

  9. GlenH says

    Hopeful Monsters sounds excellent; like X-Men getting a serious treatment (to be horribly reductive).

  10. jeff vandermeer says

    Sir Tessa–that’s right! Totally forgot.

    Wesley–awesome and excellent review. Couldn’t agree more re uses of language, too.

  11. says

    Ah, those finally got there! I was afraid they wouldn’t… I was afraid even to write to you until I was certain they reached you :)

  12. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I think it is impossible for me to be miffed at you more than 45 seconds at a time. I was thinking I should delete that other blog entry?

  13. says

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