Michael Moorcock Nonfiction From Savoy

John Coulthart just posted some amazing photos of the collected nonfiction of Michael Moorcock, from Savoy. I think Coulthart might’ve outdone himself here.


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    The man knows his way around a book, no question. Even if there was nothing but lorem ipsum inside, that would be quite a buy.

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    I’m all over this one, I have a good few of these in other books, but it’ll be great to have everything in one place. I guess “Death is No Obstacle” is too long to fit in there, but I have my own copy anyway. Great for additional research ahead of Moorcock Appreciation Month (not like I don’t already have enough).

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    (I know DINO is technically an interview, not a non-fiction piece, but there is a load of great writing advice in there, and it is a real shame it is out of print. Carter’s introduction is really nioce too, and I believe one of last things she wrote.)

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    Thanks, everyone.

    Paul: Yes, Death is No Obstacle remains a separate (and unfortunately out-of-print) book. Into the Media Web includes a lengthy obit from MM for Angela Carter.

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    Hey John,

    while I have your attention for a moment, I’m a bit late to the party (since I was only ten when David went to prison) but I just wanted to say fuck the tories, and fuck that magistrate, King Horror: Zero remains to this day one of the most powerful, disturbing, meaningful things I have even seen. As someone from another generation I just wanted to thank you, and I think that with all the shit going on with the BNP, what you and David had to say about where that rhetoric leads is still incredibly relevant.

    And now, back on topic before I am on the recieving end of VANDERMEER SMASH.

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    T’was humourous end to my off topic ramble, although I’ve been on guard ever since I implied you weren’t intimidating… I did manage to convince two people to buy The Traitor though :)

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    Thanks, Paul. I don’t think it’s necessarily a Tory thing either, censorship in the UK has come from all sides of the political spectrum; before Blair became leader of the Labour party in the early 90s he was Shadow Home Secretary and helped the Tories increase restrictions on video sales which were already the most stringent in Europe. In my blackest moments I agree with William Burroughs that all politicians are agents of the Control Virus. Art of any kind will remain at risk in the UK as long as we have no written constitution.

  8. GabrielM says

    Very nice, I’ll have to get a copy. Oddly enough, just last night I was finally getting around to reading Alan Moore’s BLACK DOSSIER, and was struck by the design of the credits page, which is similar to what’s being done here on the dust jacket.