Digging Out Toward the Subterranean to Reach the Tunnel Leading to the Light

What you don’t know about the transdimensional properties of the komodo dragon can kill you in more than one place. They can scent your wound through time, through space, sporling out before them like a mist that curls and beckons. While you, you’re more like a rabbit with a pocketwatch who’s been stuffed with sawdust, and it’s falling out of you in chunks, and you’re feeling more and more like part of the scenery. Everything’s receding. Except the komodo. The komodo’s getting closer and closer. Reeling you in through its sixth, its seventh senses. That tongue, forking out. The bandy-legged rude walk over rough terrain. The smell of rotting flesh that you can’t quite tell. Is it you, or the komodo? Is it your life on his breath? Is this the last thing you’ll ever see? That ugly pitted bullethead. That shit-eating grin.

Because the thing is, you have to die to escape a komodo. You have to let your wound take you. Are you up for that? I wasn’t. I wasn’t ready yet. I’ve always tried to save dying for Plan B.

(c) jv


  1. Divers Hands says

    You know what’s really strange about all this? Your beautiful little excerpt ranks as the third reference I have come across TODAY to the work of Jan Svankmajer. Is there some kind of revival or anniversary I am missing here?

    Beautiful work as ever. There are some perfectly chosen phrases in that passage that make my poor little brain ache at how I missed the connection between word and action when it comes to the movements of komodos. (and wow was that last sentence awful by any comparison)

  2. says


    EVERYONE knows that being stalked by a komodo can easily be overcome by wearing striped socks. However, the obvious flaw there lies in the fact that striped socks during the hot summer months can be extremely uncomfortable and therefore I’d suggest painting stripes directly onto your naked feet. Now, the other flaw (that not many people know about) is these same striped socks attract brane-hopping zebras that have appeared more and more since the LHC was powered up.

    Nevertheless the risk is worth it, zebras are relatively harmless and the worse that can happen is you’ll feel a little hoarse…

    PS Re the rotting flesh smell, that can be negated by washing your feet BEFORE wearing the socks or painting them.

    I just hope I’ve been some help to you :)

  3. Xeno says

    :) I’ve had Komodos on the brain lately too, because they were on the BBC show ‘Life’. I wonder if you saw the same thing?

  4. says

    Nope. I have them on the brain for a totally different reason, having been aware of their unique biology for several years. Basically, in my story they are the nexus for travel through various alternate worlds and dimensions.