Writing Advice Over at Booklifenow

Yes, it’s been pretty quiet here. It may continue to be sporadic the rest of this month as I work on various deadlines.

BUT Jeremy L.C. Jones has been collecting writing advice from a variety of sources. Go check it out. The great thing about writing advice? A writer benefits from taking advice, yes, but also from analyzing and then rejecting advice that doesn’t work for them. So you win either way.


  1. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Ha! It was *all* mine over there until recently.

    Too many deadlines. Besides, I’m out of advice. Here’s the last bit: be bold, be brave, be early.

  2. Hellbound Heart says

    taking/analysing and rejecting advice? same goes for anything else in life…..


  3. Rachel Swirsky says

    And *two* pencils on airplanes, as Atwood advises. That one seems important.