Brian Evenson’s Immobility

My blurb for Brian Evenson’s latest, and the initial description, with cover.

“Immobility is a shock to the system. It makes you wonder why you ever read any other noir. The style is brilliant, becoming strangely less concrete the more we find out, as if the words are somehow disintegrating with the character. The inversion by novel’s end, the so-called twist, is perhaps the most perfect and natural I’ve ever read—so good that no matter how hard you try to figure it out ahead of time, you’ll fail. Immobility confirms Evenson’s ability to colonize your brain much like the best visionaries, from J.G. Ballard on down.”


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    i’m going to culture replicas of myself so that i can read all of the books that i wanna read…..