Catching Up

(My crappy photo of the totally awesome ARCs for the British Commonwealth edition of Finch.)

Ann and I have had to deep-six the European travel this summer because of book deadlines, but we’re still going to have a pretty active year. In addition to teaching at Clarion San Diego and Shared Worlds, which will include readings, you can find one or both of us at these events (details listed in the sidebar):

– University of Central Florida Literary Festival, April 16-17, Orlando (Ann and I are both guests, participating on panels)

– Finding Your Readers in the 21st Century conference, May 22-23 (I’ll be one of the keynote speakers and Ann and I will run a workshop, etc.)

– Comic Con, July 22-24, San Diego (Ann and I are both special guests of the con)

– James River Writers’ Conference, Oct. 9-10, Richmond (I’ll be one of the featured guests)

– Capclave, Oct. 22-24 (Ann and I are two of the guests of honor)

This is a pretty light schedule for us, but considering I was on the road about 12 weeks last year, total, let’s consider that a blessing.

In other news, the audio rights to Finch have sold to and we will soon be able to announce a couple of anthology sales and foreign rights sales.


  1. says

    Seth–yes, I always do best sales-wise when the cover is enticing to a mainstream audience as well as a genre audience.

    Johanna–really sorry. We had wanted to. BUT, a raincheck is in the works.

  2. Nemone says

    “Inch” by Eff Vandermeer.No wonder he sounds pissed-off.A very jolly cover, but i prefer the green/gold/splashy one.

  3. says

    I have a conference coming up in Richmond in October? And who are these river writers who will attend? Mark Twain and Philip Jose Farmer probably can’t make it.