Finch and Coulthart’s Finch Cover (Vote!)–Up For Spinetingler Awards

My novel Finch is up for the Spinetingler Award for Rising Star (4 to 8 novels published)…heh. I almost feel young again. My friend Brian Evenson’s Last Days is also up–congrats to all the nominees.

From here it’s a straightforward voting shoot-out, so I’m going to break my general rule of not lobbying for awards and suggest you go vote…for the books you like the most.

BUT I have to say–and I feel passionately about this, more passionately than about any award nomination at any point in my career–I urge you to vote for John Coulthart’s phenomenal cover for Finch, which is up in the last category. It’s up against some great covers, but, I’m sorry, it’s no contest. Coulthart is the best, and deserves the recognition for some of the best covers in recent memory.

So in that category, I urge you to vote for Coulthart, for Finch.


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    all i have to say that the nominations are richly deserved……finch continues to blos my mind

    peace and love…

  2. Jake says

    The fact that after 8 published novels a writer can still be thought of as a ‘rising star’ is indicative of some of the problems that authors face. Sheer volume appears to trump other considerations.

    Still, ‘Finch’ has a gorgeous cover that I’ll happily vote for. Will it have the same cover for its UK release?

  3. says

    I know that the category headers aren’t ideal but what we wanted to try and get away from was the best-debut/all-the-others dichotomy that seems to be present in a lot of awards. So we came up with this idea of a three tiered system.

    We also wanted to focus on other things that don’t seem to come up as much in the awards — like covers fer instance.

    Jeff jokes about being a “Rising Star’ but look at George Dawes Green in the “New Voice” category whose first book was published in 1994 and his second in 1995 and his third in 2009.

    But like I said, we just wanted to try something different and try and correct some of the problems we saw with other awards and I very much welcome the feedback.