Evil Monkey Takes a Jaunt to the B&N Review

Evil Monkey continues to conquer the world, appearing this week in an interview at the B&N Review about our Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals. Here’s an excerpt…

The Barnes & Noble Review: Ann, you teach Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes. Do you get questions from students along the lines of “Is a Wookie kosher?”

Ann: You would be surprised at some of the questions I get from the students. I actually learn quite a bit from them. I can’t always answer their questions so it requires me to study more myself. They get a kick out of that. Also, it shows them that you are never done learning. What I like to do is to ask THEM if Wookkies are Kosher and then see what they say. I remember having a deep discussion once about Captain Underpants when we were talking about the clothing worn by the Kohanim in the Holy Temple.

Evil Monkey: I was there when they started talking about Captain Underpants. That was one of the proudest moments of my life…

Evil Monkey: Well, at least it ranked right up there.

Jeff: I hope you behaved yourself.

Evil: Oddly enough, I did.

Jeff: Then I think, in light of your new civility, you might consider putting down both the uzi and whisky bottle.


  1. Jeremy LC Jones says

    I think it is unfair to suggest Evil Monkey part with both the bottle AND the firearm. Let him play with one or the other. He’s a monkey. Needs to have his fun.

  2. says

    The one thing I noticed about this — and which seals my fate as a hopeless geek — is that you have two different people, each using different spellings of the word “Wookiee,” and both of them getting it wrong.

    Yes, I am, indeed, pathetic.

  3. says

    Nope, yer not pathetic. It’s right in the book, but Evil didn’t have time to correct either party. And oddly enough almost no one ever gets it right, alas.


  4. Hellbound Heart says

    how did evil monkey get so literate? that’s what i want to know…..

    peace and love…