There Are Ghouls in My Grave…

…and I have to get the little blight-ers out. They’re insidious, and they like to trip you by stamping on your shadow.

Most likely, this space will keep blinking back at you with the exact same text until Monday, unless something news-worthy comes along. Better no posts than filler-posts. Meanwhile, as I clear out the ghouls, feel free to tell me what you’ve been up to, dear ghosts.

(Meanwhile, I will be messing about on facebook as my “down’ time.)


  1. says

    Ah! I got the ghouls in my mailbox yesterday. But I’ve started reading Jean Ray’s Malpertuis. Oh Oh. And Oh. Only thing that dragged me away from that novella was my ms and its unfinished editing.

  2. Rick B. says

    I’ve been looking for an extra crutch. Seen any on houses lately? What ever happened to the one in your neighborhood?

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I couldn’t stand seeing it on the roof of the neighbor’s. It was just gnawing at my mind. Every time I sat down to do anything, that crutch would appear inside my brain–the illogic of it, the ridiculousness of it, the irritation of it. Out of place. Out of context. So unnecessary. It soon became a personal taunt–a way that someone, the neighbors or some more insidious and secret presence, was saying “F U” to me. There is only so much of this kind of abuse and provocation one can take.

    So a few nights ago I went over there and I doused it in gasoline and I lit it on fire. It was really late at night and I made sure it was a quiet fire, so I was convinced no one would come out of the house. But then the wind changed and the roof caught on fire so I thought it was best to get the heck away from there. But then when the house started catching fire and their car in the carport exploded, I called the fire department and showed up with a pail of water to show my solidarity. After all, my beef was purely with the crutch, and its location. Everyone was just fine–and best of all, the crutch isn’t there anymore!


  4. PhilRM says

    I am utterly jealous of the ghouls in your grave. I read Ray’s “The Last Traveler” in one of Marvin Kaye’s anthologies back in the 80s. It’s still one of the scariest short stories I’ve ever read.

  5. Drax says

    “…I made sure it was a quiet fire, so I was convinced no one would come out of the house.” Cheers.

  6. Steve Winer says

    That Gerald Kersh collection, edited by his fan Harlan Ellison, introduced me to Kersh who became one of my favorite writers. If you haven’t read any of his novels, try Fowler’s End or The Song of the Flea. The novels generally aren’t fantasy, like the short stories, but Kersh’s heightened writing style makes them feel strange and unusual anyway.

  7. moth says

    how is ghouls in my grave? I really want more jean ray in english but they’re so damned expensive.

  8. says


    I just got back from a drill with Tisbury 651, the ladder truck of whose company I’m a member. We went to Tisbury School, a frequent drill site, and practiced (for the umpteenth time) hydrant hookups, pump operations, connecting and advancing attack lines, radio communication and so forth. On what, exactly, did we pour our water, you ask? Why, on the playground fixtures of Tisbury School — the only interesting such fixture being the merry-go-round, which is easy to make spin with h20 at 150 psi in a direct stream.

    I by no means wish to condone arson, but I think that as a firefighter I would have had a more interesting evening in your neighborhood.

  9. says

    Speaking of ghouls, are you ever going to write about Throne of Bones? I seem to recall you planning to devote a blog post to that at one point or another.

  10. Hellbound Heart says

    i’m going to my nearest borders bookshop tomorrow…….what books can’t i do without, and remember i’m in australia (what has that got to do with anything, i hear you ask) and i have a budget of money and time in which i can sit down and read anything…….what do i absolutely need to buy as far as recent literature goes…..

    monkey brain sushi, ay? rates right up there with prairie oysters……

    peace and love…..

  11. Lucas Wolf says

    I’m reading Dan Simmon’s “Carrion Comfort” right now. That’s providing my requisite level of creepiness.