Pandorum–Hidden Gem

I’m not going to defend mutation science as applied to Pandorum, but I have to say: if you haven’t seen this film, you should. It’s twisty in the best way, horrific in a way that actually turns out to make sense, and although it uses tropes and ideas you’ve seen in lots of other deep space horror flicks, it is original in its way. I would call this film brilliant for its renovations. It’s not original, but as a renovation of tropes that have become cliche, it does an excellent job, and is well worth your time.


  1. Daemon says

    “What if you awoke with no memory?”
    “What if the world you knew was gone?”

    Er… the second question seems pointless, all things considered.

  2. says

    Oh, thanks! I’ve had a copy of this for a while and thought that I had far better ways to waste my time; a nod from you means a lot. Huh! Will scope!

  3. Hal Duncan says

    Actually, yeah. I’d kinda written this off from the reviews, but was just curious enough to check it out and thought it was actually a decent wee pic.

  4. says

    Loved this movie. Vastly underrated. Not sure why reviewers are being so harsh to it: it establishes an internal logic and adheres to it, resolving in a pretty satisfying manner.

    I do wish the psychological aspect had been explored more than the creature horror stuff, but it was still enjoyable.

  5. Alex says

    I really wanted to like this film but the acting and script were poor and it was riddled with stupid from top to bottom. See this thread on IMDB for a few funny examples:

    In contrast I thought the twists were really try-hard, of the “…and you know what happened next? A DINOSAUR! But really it was in his head” variety. In fact, the film just tried to cram in every single space horror trope/cliche it could and ended up a total mess