BSC Review Book Tournament

Yep, it’s that time of year again–the silly season–and BSC is taking advantage with the ole book tourney. Does it make any sense? No. That’s what makes it fun?

Tomorrow, among others, they’ve got my Finch going up against Ajvaz’s The Other City–a book only me and three other people seemed to know about last year. Go vote early and often–for the book you think, if personified as a human being, would beat the living crap out of the other book-as-person.

Me, I think of Finch the Book as being a little like the Giant-made-of-people in Barker’s “In the Hills, the Cities”: huge and rotting and enormous and as likely to come crashing to earth as not.

Seriously, though, I don’t care who you vote for–I’m more interested in anything that highlights good books. The Ajvaz is a very good book.


  1. says

    A first round matchup between you and Ajvaz? Ridiculous. That should at worst be a semifinal in prime time announced by Michael Buffer. You know about his forthcoming Golden Age, right? You must, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. Go buy these books, people.

  2. says

    That’s hardly fair for those of us who have read both. I count both THE OTHER CITY and FINCH among my favorite of last year’s books. It is a tough decision and if pressed to choose between one and the other… well, I guess I will just have to wait and see.

    THE OTHER CITY remains an utter mystery. Such a great book, but it seems that so few people have actually read it. I have been recommending it quite a bit, but I don’t think I have convinced anyone to give in a read.

    Meanwhile, THE GOLDEN AGE remains my most anticipated 2010 release. I just have to wait until April, then I can finally get my hands on it.

  3. jeff vandermeer says

    yes, like I said, silly, especially as the books are so different.

    I have golden but no time to read because of projects. will be doing an interview with him for amazon.

  4. says

    It’s nice to feel that I’m part of the cognoscenti, having read both.

    And is Dalkey released The Golden Age? I need to get a review copy, since I’d love to review that book now that I have time for reviews again.

  5. Michal Ajvaz says

    Hello Jeff, I congratulate you on your win. I haven´t read Finch yet, but I´m looking forward to it. And best regards from Prague. Michal Ajvaz

  6. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Michal: Thanks for commenting here! I actually voted for you.

    As I told the publicist at Dalkey Archive, I’d like to interview you for the Amazon book blog if possible. Just been behind on deadlines. The Golden Age looks lovely.

    If my wife and I are ever in Prague again, perhaps you’d let us buy you dinner or a drink or something.



  7. Michal Ajvaz says

    Jeff, my English is not the best, but we can try to make an interview. And if you and Ann are in Prague, we surely may go for a drink or for a dinner. Michal