Congrats, 2010 Clarion San Diego Students!

Yay! A big congratulations to the 2010 Clarion San Diego class, just announced on the site. They’re all super-awesome, and Ann and I are really excited about meeting them and working with them in weeks 5 and 6 of the workshop. The instructors for weeks 1—4 are Delia Sherman, George R.R. Martin, Dale Bailey, and Samuel R. Delany.

Gregory Bossert
Stacie Brown
John Chu
William Farrar
Erin Gonzales
Jessica Hilt
Jennifer Hsyu
Adam Israel
Dustin Monk
Tamsyn Muir
Laura Praytor
LaTisha Redding
Dallas Taylor
Leah Thomas
Karin Tidbeck
Tom Underberg
Kali Wallace
Kai Ashante Wilson


  1. says

    Thanks, Frank, Liz, and Ken!

    Frank, Clarion West looks fantastic, and Neile is a wonder! Have a blast!

    My Pro request paperwork is in for Comic-Con, though it didn’t look very “pro”, since my printer cartridge is running out…


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