Books You Find While Rooting Around for Weird Fiction…

…and would like to read or re-read but can’t because you’ve got to read weird short fiction…and pretend to be a Mecha-Ostrich…and things of that nature… (Wild Women has a great great story by Nadine Gordimer in the form of a letter to Kafka from his father; great William Trevor story in the Manguel antho.)


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    It’s a great book that no one seems to know about. Don’t even know what else the author has been up to. Dissolution of Nicholas Dee is another one like that.


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    Ooh, I’d love to read most of those as well. Picked up Sebald’s Austerlitz a few months ago and was hypnotized for days. Kind of like Bolano, gives you the sense that anything can be observed artfully. And I’m really looking forward to reading Ness’s adult fiction, after the YA stuff knocked me so firmly on my ass.

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    Marc: I know! Oddly, I find his anthos not just focused on the fantastic the most compelling. I know it’s heresy to say this but there are so many little nubs and odds ‘n’ ends in Black Water and Black Water 2 that they’re both very uneven, although essential.


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    Well, here’s another: Rikki Ducornet’s collection The Word Desire is amazing, on a re-read. It’s a post-Decadent, post-Surrealist modern set of stories revolving around desire and longing, and the only problem with regard to our weird reading is I’m not yet sure any of the stories really contain even a subtle supernatural/fantastical element. But they *read* like fantastical stories. Highly, highly recommended.


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