Filling Out the Comments Section, Local Bagel Store Survey

Jeff VanderMeer • February 24th, 2010 @ 10:51 pm • Uncategorized

There’s nothing like a bagel from friendly people who have the normal number of heads. I also am very fond of the temperature in the store. The fact that there are lights makes the place cheery and also not dark. I like to be able to see my hands when I enter a place and not have to light a candle to see the menu. There were chairs with all of the tables, and tables with all of the chairs. I also appreciated that there were no flying creatures in the store, like in some Long John Silver’s. I am afraid I did not find my long-lost brother in the store, but then I didn’t expect to.

4 Responses to “Filling Out the Comments Section, Local Bagel Store Survey”

  1. James says:

    Letters to Wendy’s by Joe Wenderoth

  2. Egg says:

    Would love to see their faces when they read it.
    Maybe you’ll get a free bagel out of it.
    Is a heck of a lot better than
    “That blonde chick behind the counter won’t give me a date.”

  3. J. Everett says:

    What’s wrong with this place? All your bagels have holes in them. And no liver spread!

  4. Hellbound Heart says:

    oh god, freshly baked bread products……love ‘em…..

    peace and love…..

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