The Third Bear–Final TOC

The TOC to The Third Bear, my first major story collection since Secret Life in 2004, has been finalized…finally. This includes the 9,000-word story “The Quickening,” which is original to the book, and which I turned in this morning. I’ll be writing some end matter and someone’s doing an introduction. Another new story, “Komodo,” has been dropped from the TOC because it’s still in progress and it might top out at thirty or forty thousand words. Not sure yet.

The Third Bear
The Quickening
Finding Sonoria
The Situation
Fixing Hanover
Shark God Versus Octopus God
The Goat Variations
Three Days in a Border Town
The Secret Life of Shane Hamill
The Surgeon’s Tale (with Cat Rambo)


  1. says

    Oh! Lovely! I can’t wait for this to come out. Yay for “The Surgeon’s Tale” being reprinted, and what a gorgeous cover!

  2. Juha T says

    Just got my pre-order confirmation from Book Depository. Looking forward to reading this this summer!