New Worlds of Fantasy! From 1967!

We didn’t really buy this book (at Chamblin’s Bookmine) because we thought it would be of use for our book of weird reading. We bought it because…how can you resist that cover art?

Little did we know the treasures we’d find inside.

Like…a rather badly illustrated Borges story, with a fun little intro: “Borges is so In right now he had three stories in one issue of the New Yorker.”

Or this title page with the odd illo.

Or the facing page, the end of Ray Russell’s “Comet Wine,” wherein a prior owner of the book has tried to write either a true ending or an explanation: “I suppose that it might be done chemically, or by a trick of lighting.”

But the best line–and there are obviously some fine stories in here—is from Alfred Gillespie’s “The Evil Eye”: “Why had she been up all night, sneaking around like a @#$%& leprechaun?”

Laugh not, though–in another 40 years lots of folks are gonna be laughing at lots of stuff we think works just fine now.


  1. PhilRM says

    Carr did (to the best of my knowledge) three of those collections; the last came out in 1971. They are sitting lined up in the bookshelf on the other side of the room from me. All three contain wonderful stories: this is where I discovered Borges, Ballard, Zelazny, Keith Roberts, and Edgar Pangborn, among others.

  2. says

    I live within walking distance to one of the big Half Price Books stores in Dallas, and I have easy access to two others (including the monstrous flagship store) along the DART train route as well. Since I don’t smoke and can’t drink, this means that I indulge my secret passion of looking for interesting inserts in books on the Half Price shelves. I’ve come across all sorts of wonders of this sort, and more: my favorite has to be an autographed flyer (at least, I think it’s autographed) for a Butthole Surfers show at the end of 1987 that I nearly attended. The best part? It was in a Fritz Leiber collection I was buying for my wife, so we were both rather surprised when it fell out.