Lovecraft’s War Against the Ravens

Hmmm. So the story I’m writing and posting in bits on facebook, using photos of the text, is getting a bit straaaange.

Haven’t seen these bits on facebook? That’s because I’m writing from the future. These bits won’t appear there for a couple of days. Bwaaahahahaha.

(For more on the notebook I’m writing in, click here.)


  1. Jan Z says

    [quote]I cam here because I thought it was a football post and was really looking forward to the epic battle where Ed Reed defeats Cthulhu. Sigh.[/quote[

    Those poor guys from Baltimore Ravens can’t win with that kind of enemy…Hmm…Cthulhu as a quaterback?

  2. Mark Parsons says

    Is the FB page you are posting on pubic? I searched on FB and only found a page for you that seemed not to be current. have your blod on RSS though and enjoy it immensely!