Breaking News: Weird Tales Announcement!!

JAN. 25, 2010—Wildside Press, publisher of the Hugo Award-winning Weird Tales magazine, today announced the promotion of fiction editor Ann VanderMeer to the position of editor in chief.

“Ann has done an outstanding job since joining the Weird Tales editorial team three years ago,” said publisher John Betancourt. “For two decades she’s been one of the most talented, cutting-edge editors in the business, so we’ve been thrilled to see her finally burst onto SF’s center stage, both with Weird Tales and with her recent run of high-profile anthologies. We could not be more pleased to have Ann representing the proud tradition of the world’s oldest fantasy magazine.”

Editorial and creative director Stephen H. Segal, who has collaborated with VanderMeer for the past three years in leading the 21st-century revamp of Weird Tales, will remain a valuable part of the team as the magazine’s senior contributing editor. He is stepping away from the magazine’s day-to-day operations to accept a new full-time position as acquisitions editor for Quirk Books, publisher of the 2009 international bestseller Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The Weird Tales masthead will be rounded out by two new, though very familiar, additions to the management team serving under VanderMeer.
Campbell Award-winning author, artist, designer and performer Mary Robinette Kowal will serve as the magazine’s new art director. And two-time Stoker Award nonfiction winner Paula Guran, editor of the Pocket Juno fantasy imprint, will serve as Weird Tales’s new nonfiction editor.

“It makes me very happy that three of the most creative, insightful and hard-working people I know in the fantasy world will be shepherding Weird Tales into the future,” said Segal. “I’ve loved every minute of working on the magazine, and I’m terribly glad that Ann, Mary and Paula want me to stay onboard as a regular contributor.”

“Stephen’s been a trusted and brilliant co-conspirator on Weird Tales,”
said VanderMeer, “and I’m happy that he has such a great opportunity ahead of him. Meanwhile, I’m very excited about the addition of Paula Guran and Mary Robinette Kowal to the magazine team. Thanks to our subscribers for their support; thanks to everyone who submits their writing and art to Weird Tales; and thanks to John Betancourt for his belief in the magazine and in me personally. We’re looking forward to a great future for Weird Tales, and we invite everyone to be part of that experience.”

Weird Tales has an active 2010 calendar lined up, starting with two major event sponsorhips in conjunction with its special spring steampunk issue (forthcoming in March): the Friday night festivities at Norwescon, the Seattle area’s leading science fiction convention, taking place the weekend of April 1; and the literary lineup at the Steampunk World’s Fair, a new multi-arts festival taking place in central New Jersey the weekend of May 14.

For more information, contact editor in chief Ann VanderMeer at [email protected]


  1. Ann VanderMeer says

    Thanks to all for your good wishes. We are all very happy and excited.

    Rachel, as for poetry, that should be sent to me at the gmail account – keeping in mind that poetry will be considered very, very selectively right now (i.e. I am not seeking poetry but will consider all submissions).

  2. says

    Hooyay! Congrats Ann, and Stephen. I hope you bring Quirk the kind of great work you brought to WT.

    Look forward to more WT goodness to come from the new team. ; )

  3. says

    Sorry to hear Stephen’s leaving, though it sounds like for good things. And all the other changes at WT sound like equally good things. Congrats to all!

  4. says

    Congrats, Ann!

    In the words of Dale Cooper: “I don’t know where this will take us…but I’m certain it will be somewhere both wonderful and strange…”


  5. Ann VanderMeer says

    Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and support. We are all excited to be working on such an iconic magazine. Thanks! (jumping up and down!)

  6. Nick Kessler says

    Awesome! Is this all part of “the Secret Feminist Cabal?” Just kidding. Ann: After your great work on “Steampunk” and “The New Weird” I must have really been in the dark to not notice you working for Weird Tales. I especially look forward to the Steampunk issue (obviously) but it looks like you’ll be getting a new subscriber. Congrats to all three of you!