Back on Monday-Tuesday–What’re You Up To?

Due to pressing deadlines, I’ll have to post my next blog entry about Finch next week. In the meantime, here are some lovely images from the Bellysnatcher project Eric Orchard and I are working on–and feel free to tell me/us about anything you’re working on or have out.

Also, the Onion AV Club interview with me is up. It was a phone interview and a couple of things got garbled, but it’s pretty good. The “[pastiche]” in an early draft really was of Darconville’s Cat by Theroux, not noir.


  1. Dan Read says

    I really enjoyed the AV Club interview. The interviewer was well prepared and asked some good questions. I love how so far the comments range from “Look at this fucking jerk off!” to “[Jeff is] the standard by which I now judge all fiction.” Gotta love the internet.


  2. Jim Schnebly says

    I’m waiting for the three-dimensional printing process that will allow you to ship your collaboration in a form that mimics what Eric Orchard has created on those pages. Tremendous images. It’s obvious that this will put that old Jasper Johns/Sam Beckett “Foirades” project to shame.

  3. jeff vandermeer says

    Heh. Bellysnatcher is rapidly taking on City of Saints/House of Leaves dimensions storywise…

    Dan–i guess I have been scarred and weathered enough over the years that that comment just makes me laugh.

  4. Dan Read says

    “i guess I have been scarred and weathered enough over the years that that comment just makes me laugh”

    I just this morning finished reading the “Rejection” section of Booklife, which I thought of immediately on seeing that comment. Pretty funny.

    I’m going to be kind of sad when I’m done reading Booklife…I’ll have to just start over reading it again.


  5. Steve from Fountain says

    If you’re familiar with the AV Club, you know that you are guaranteed some “eff this guy” and “what a pretentious jerk” comments, particularly from people who are completely unfamiliar with the artist/writer being interviewed. I’m a frequent commenter, though, and I had (and continue to have) your back.