Jewcy Riffs on The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals has run a cool little gallery feature on the Kosher Guide. They’ve used their own stock images, but run snippets of our text with it. Check it out–and buy early and often on this one.

And, for your mid-week entertainment, this piece by Rick Kleffel in the SA Current about New Weird, and the John Scalzi remix of the Finch insurgency poster (originally meant for my Big Idea piece on Whatever and created by Jeremy Tolbert)–in part as a way of introducing new readers to the Finch Reader’s Page, which has a bunch of cool stuff on it.


  1. Nadie says

    Your link to the Finch page, it is broken. :(

    I have the banners. I am so tempted to have them put on actual stickers and go be deviant around town, because I’m a bad person and I love bloodless havoc.