Spore Score, Spore More, Bookspore, Linkspore?

Cynthia Hawkins has an interview with Murder by Death, about the Finch soundtrack, up at InDigest, under the title “Spore Score” as well as an interview with me at Strange Horizons. (Phone interview from World Fantasy, with me somewhat breathless and using the word “stuff” too much.)

Futurismic has a nice Booklife review, and I’ve just posted a cleaned up version of a long comment I wrote awhile back about the whole publication payment issue.

Boston’s The Edge has an intriguing list of books from 2009 not to overlook, including Finch. It also includes Best American Fantasy 3, which isn’t out until next month.

Enough about me. What about you? I’m working all day–post me some linkage I oughta be looking at. (More than one link per post, and my blog spam may catch it.)


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    Well, no link, but I went to Borders (near Atlantic City, NJ) yesterday as I had a gift card to use and saw they had both FINCH and the STEAMPUNK anthology which was nice though I already owned them. I ended up picking up Charlie Huston’s newest which was just released in trade paperback: THE MYSTIC ARTS OF ERASING ALL SIGNS OF DEATH.