Happy Holidays–and Thanks

(Matt, Ann, and Eric. Yes, Cheney and Schaller are nuts.)

Today I’d like to thank everyone who read with me at events and/or put me up (put up with me?) during my recent five-week book tour. Special thanks to my wife Ann, Matt Staggs, Luis Rodrigues, Jeremy Tolbert, S.J. Chambers, John Coulthart, my publishers, the bookstores & other venues, people like Rob Davies who put up posters, and my readers, without whom the tour wouldn’t have been possible.

Sincere thanks and affection to:

My fellow readers/presenters…

Natania Barron
Terry Bisson
S.G. Browne
David Anthony Durham
Jeffrey Ford
Will Hindmarch
Glen Hirshberg
Ron Hogan
Jeff Johnson
Jay Lake
Mur Lafferty
Brian Lindenmuth
Geoff Manaugh
J.M. McDermott
Cherie Priest
Ekaterina Sedia
Cat Rambo
Sandra Ruttan
Eric Schaller
Kevin Smokler
Paul Tremblay

My gracious hosts…

Natania Barron & Michael Harrison
Jeanne B. Benzel
Victoria Blake
Darin Bradley & Rima Abunasser (and Lizzie)
Matt Cheney
J.T. Glover & Kyla Tew
Leslie Howle
Jason Kennedy & Duane Manka
Brian Lindenmuth & Sandra Ruttan
Cat & Wayne Rambo
Eric Schaller and Paulette Werger
Jacob & Rina Weisman
David & Pamela Wesley

And below the break, some shots from our awesome Thanksgiving holiday with our friends Matt Cheney, Eric Schaller and his wife Paulette Werger…


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    Great photos Jeff!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Yummy Yule and a Sassy Saturnalia!

    Practice teflon spirit! Love and light!

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    The clouds! Did you see the clouds yesterday? They waved over each other like coral or…brain matter maybe…anyway, there are never enough pictures of clouds, so thanks!

    Happy Holidays to you and Ann!

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    Wow. The list of folks with whom you presented reminds me (along with your name since it appears twice) of BSC Reviews’ top 50 books of the decade list (along with the discussion which talks about Sandra Ruttan a bit):


    But that’s probably mostly to do with the list’s author being on your list :) I smell shenanigans and personal favoritism!

    And Terry Bisson has a website:


    Did he read something? If so I’m dying to know what he read. And Jay Lake. I’ll have to check the back posts on the tour…

  4. says

    Oddly, Bisson’s site didn’t come up on a google search. I’ll add the link in soon.

    Erm, I only really got to know Brian after he’d already read and commented on my work.