Madras Press Tiny Editions: Perfect Stealth Gift for Holidays

Jeff VanderMeer • December 20th, 2009 @ 10:11 am • Book Reviews

Okay, so maybe these tiny books from Madras Press featuring original stories by Aimee Bender, Sumanth Prabhaker (the founder of the press), Trinie Dalton, and Rebecca Lee wouldn’t make it to their destinations in time for Christmas, but probably by New Year’s. You can’t find them on Amazon or anywhere except the press’s website and some indie bookstores. Which makes them great stealth gifts. They’re beautifully produced and I’ve read all four–great writing, lovely design. Sumanth had a story in Best American Fantasy #1 and both Ann and I love his work.

So go check out the website for Madras Press and learn more about this cool new boutique publisher. Highly recommended.

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