Finch and Booklife: Bring ‘Em Home for the Holidays?

Just a note that although Finch and Booklife have both gone back to reprint due to brisk sales, they should still be available in most bookstores. Also, Finch will be a featured selection of Indiebound in January, apparently, so support your indie bookstores by picking it up there if you can. (If you want to give me a holiday gift, btw, go to Amazon and write a review of Finch.)

Finch is out from Grove Atlantic in the UK/British Commonwealth in August of next year, and Booklife from A&C Black in July. There’s a distinct possibility I’ll be in the UK in July.


  1. says

    I’m amused by that one recent review where the reader thinks the Caps are Lizard-like….

    There’ll be a mini-feature on both books sometime between the 26th and the 31st on my blog.

  2. PhilRM says

    I assume that you’ve seen the not-especially-favorable review of Finch in Bookslut. I have to say that , even if I had never read anything by you or even heard of you, the opening paragraph of that review –

    “Taken on its own, the opening set piece of Jeff VanderMeer’s Finch — wherein a detective of, shall we say, hard-boiled disposition investigating the death of a mushroom person ingests some of the “corpse” and undergoes a trippy recreation of the fallen fungus’ last moments — is, pound for pound, probably more batshit insane than anything in the vast and moldering shelves of fantasy and pulp crime crowding our nation’s bookstores.”

    – would have sent me immediately to the bookstore in search of Finch!

  3. jeff vandermeer says

    I have never gotten a good review in Bookslut. There are factual errors in the review and just…stupidities. I’m not going to let any of my future books be sent there. Anyway, 99 percent of the reviews have been raves or very positive, and I am thankful that most have also been intelligent and thoughtful.

  4. Hellbound Heart says

    us punters love your books, that makes up for any negative reviews, right?

    peace and love….

  5. jeff vandermeer says

    you’re misunderstanding. the reviews have been great. but bookslut’s been repetitively missing the point, so it doesn’t make sense to keep sending the books there. I don’t take it personal or care that much.

  6. Andy R says

    Hi Jeff,
    Have given and suggested both books to friends (and strangers) for the Holidays. Congrats on your success!

  7. Juha T says

    After this comment thread, I couldn’t resist giving Bookslut’s reviews of your work a read. They dumped on Shriek for not being the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? WTF?! For what it’s worth, I greatly enjoyed both Finch and Booklife and have recommended both to friends.

  8. Hellbound Heart says

    point taken, jeff……..
    am now on school holdays for the next month or so…have been saving finch for now so i can sit down and savour every bite! goody!

    peace and love…..