Thanks to the Ecstatic Days Guest Bloggers!!

Jeff VanderMeer • December 17th, 2009 @ 3:52 am • News

As I’ve already noted, I have absolutely LOVED the guest blogging over the past five weeks. (Some of which may continue into tomorrow and Friday.) I’ve enjoyed the diversity of opinions and posts, and going forward it’s given me ideas for expanding the scope of the blog.

I’m a little too tired to compile all of the names, but if each guest blogger would leave a comment on this post with some info on their current work or projects and any relevant URLs, I’m sure readers of Ecstatic Days would appreciate it. And if readers want to heap praise on the guest bloggers, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind…

12 Responses to “Thanks to the Ecstatic Days Guest Bloggers!!”

  1. Hellbound Heart says:

    few blog sites are as enjoyable and interesting as this one…..thanks guys…..

    peace and love………

  2. S.J. Chambers says:

    Man, thank you Jeff for the space, it was a lot of fun. And many thanks to the readers and Aleks, Pete, and Rob.

    My Poe studies continue, but for right now, I’m blogging about reading Lovecraft for the first time over at and jumpstarting what I hope will be an exhaustive archive for The Steampunk Bible. In between that, I’m an articles editor for Strange Horizons.

    I love receiving visitors at my interwebs salon:

  3. S.J. Chambers says:

    Thanks Jeff, and thanks to the readers and to Aleks, Pete, and Rob.

    I am currently reading Lovecraft for the first time over at, who is having a very Merry Cthulhu Christmas. I am also trying to jumpstart what I hope will be an exhaustive archive for The Steampunk Bible. In between that, I’m editing for Strange Horizons and researching a Poe project I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

    I love receiving visitors at

    Thanks again!

  4. Charles Tan says:

    Thanks Jeff!

    Still recovering from a cold, but hoping to post several items in 2010 over at my blog, the World SF News Blog, and SF Signal.

  5. Todd Vandemark says:

    Great job, gang.

  6. Jason Sanford says:

    Jeff: Thanks for letting us guest blog. And about the reaction to that last post of mine, err, wow. I really didn’t mean to turn your blog into a hotbed of chaos, blood, and screams.

    My website is and I post there regularly, along with uploading copies of my recently published fiction. I have several stories forthcoming in Interzone over the coming months and am finishing the first draft of a novel.

  7. Rachel Swirsky says:

    “I really didn’t mean to turn your blog into a hotbed of chaos, blood, and screams.”

    Jeff used the word chaos, too. I’m guessing y’all don’t read widely in the political blogosphere. (And good for you!)

    “I have several stories forthcoming in Interzone over the coming months”

    I’ve got one in the next issue, apparently! Andy just told me. I look forward to sharing a TOC with you again!

  8. Rachel Swirsky says:

    Thanks for the guest blogging! It was fun.

    My livejournal is, my website is, and I occasionally post at Alas, a Blog or Ambling Along the Aqueduct. As for projects, I’ll go ahead and drop some links to my stories.

    A Memory of Wind” at

    Eros, Philia, Agape” at

    A Monkey Will Never Be Rid of Its Black Hands” at Subterranean Online

    A Letter Never Sent” at the Konundrum Engine Literary Review

    Also, I’m grooving on which is a new social networking site for writers. I’m not totally sure what it’s shaping up to be yet, but it’s interesting so far.

  9. Eden Robins says:

    Thanks for letting us stomp all over your blog for a month, Jeff! I had a lot of fun, both reading everyone’s posts and writing them — though I had certainly intended to do more. Time just got away from me. For example, how is it already mid-December?

    My website is which I update very infrequently… but maybe the pressure of more eyes will help me update more often. Links to a few of my stories are on that site as well. I also co-edit Brain Harvest, and you can read some awesome flash fiction there or subscribe to read it on your mobile phone:

    Thanks again and welcome back!

  10. Fabio Fernandes says:

    I enjoyed very much your posts, people – thank you for such an enjoyable time!

  11. Rochita says:

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity, Jeff. I enjoyed reading the entries from everyone. I’m glad your book tour went well.

    I’m making slow progress on a tribal novel. I do have two short stories coming out this month in the Ruin and Resolve Charity Anthology (a fundraiser for the Philippine Red Cross).

  12. Will Hindmarch says:

    Add my applause to all my fellow guest bloggers. Great work, all!

    I’m preparing a stack of blog posts to publish in sequence over at The Gist and we’re always blogging at, too.

    Right now I’m working on a novel and a few short stories to shop around, when I’m not toiling on work-for-hire projects elsewhere. None of this is material I can talk much about, except to say that the response to the reading here in Atlanta was like a shot in the arm for my fiction. Much obliged.

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