National NPR on the Reality of Fantasy: The VanderMeers Dish

National NPR’s feature on, erm, Ann and me ran on Weekend Edition today, with bits by Jacob Weisman, too! Theoretically there will also be photos on the site. But for now, here’s one that puts things in perspective. Eeek!

But go comment–the more people who visit, the more likely they are to do more features of this type.


  1. hellbound heart says

    are your books arranged alphabetically, chronologically or by genre? (lol)

    got my copy of finch sent all the way from the u s of a on the weekend and am agonising over whether to go back and reread city of saints and madmen and shriek and then finch OR just dive in and devour it…..

    peace and love…..

  2. Russell Scarola says

    Fun interview. Brought back memories of meeting you both at Odyssey ’06– definitely a highlight.

    During one of the writing exercises you led I randomly wrote about having a son. Didn’t have one then but I do now, Jenner Galileo Scarola, for whom I’m lucky enough to be the primary stay at home parent. Little guy opens up windows into all sorts of new worlds every day…

    Keep on ‘sustaining your creativity,’