so much for November, then

Felix Gilman • November 23rd, 2009 @ 12:24 pm • Uncategorized

Guest blogger Felix Gilman is the author of the novels Thunderer and Gears of the City, and A History of the Half-Made World, coming next year from Tor.

Well OK so I have been a very bad guest blogger.  I’d like to pretend I’ve been busy doing something creative or traveling somewhere exotic or doing good works among the poor or campaigning for healthcare reform but the fact of the matter is that I bought Dragon Age and it swallowed my November whole. It seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect I have my doubts. My thumbs hurt.

I can’t be the only one, can I? Confess! Confess.

6 Responses to “so much for November, then”

  1. Will Hindmarch says:

    What are your thoughts on Dragon Age at this point? I probably won’t be able to get to it until the new year, but I’m hearing good things.

  2. Felix Gilman says:

    it’s horribly addictive

    they’ve put a great deal of care into the setting and it pays off, it’s 99% bog-standard fantasy fare but it’s oddly immersive even so; it’s also appealingly difficult and it has some tactical depth

  3. Will Hindmarch says:

    Are you playing it on PC or a console? I’m trying to pick a format for myself.

  4. Felix Gilman says:

    PC. Apparently the console version is grossly inferior.

  5. Eddie C says:

    Dragon age is crack. The console version is… less tactical in combat, but I think grossly inferior is unfair. The PC combat is better, yes, but not outrageously so. And the rest of the game is identical. Bascially if your PC won’t run it, no reason not to get it in console (but if it can, buy the PC version).

    Also, Will, Mass Effect 2 is out early in the New Year, meaning that there is MORE bioware crack to play then. Ugh.

  6. J M McDermott says:

    Ich auch, mein freund.

    I’m on console, and have seen the PC and I heartily second the inferiority of the console.

    Still, I can’t help but feel like the game is *too* big, with too many party members, and too many maps and quests. I feel like the story is lost inside the conventions of playing a BIG rpg, where actually your actions don’t matter very much to the larger story because it ends about the same anyway – necessitated by the sheer size of the project.

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