Boston: MIT and Borders

Omnivoracious just ran two video interview pieces with me, one of which is reproduced above.

Tomorrow I’m at MIT in the late afternoon giving a lecture, and then Friday night I’m at Borders in Boston reading with David Anthony Durham and Paul Tremblay….and I shall not sully great guest blogging with more of my nonsense for awhile.



  1. […] Jeff Vandemeer’s post on author platform got me to thinking. Really thinking. If you haven’t watched, do yourself a favor and take the 4 minutes to do so. Sure he’s pimping his book Booklife, but he’s doing it because he sees a need. He’s experienced enough of the insanity of the writing life to know a thing or two about a thing or two. At the :40 mark he gets into the hazards of using social media without a plan and the importance of educating yourself and setting boundaries. This resonated with me. […]