Interstitial Art Based On Interstitial Fiction

Hey everyone, I’m not officially guest blogging right now but Jeff gave me permission to pop on the blog for one post and pimp a project in your direction.

I’ve been involved with the Interstitial Arts Foundation for the past several years, making myself useful and coming up with ideas for events and projects. One of the projects I’m currently running is an auction of art based on stories from the IAF’s two fiction anthologies, Interfictions and Interfictions 2.

There are so many cool things about this auction it’s hard to know where to begin. First, all of the art is amazing and beautiful. It’s really cool to see the different interpretations of the texts and what bits and stories inspired the artists. Some stories inspired more than one piece of art. The pieces are so different, yet so perfectly illustrative of the story.

The funds raised by the auction will go to support further interstitial art projects, like more anthologies and other ideas the membership comes up with. The IAF is dedicated to supporting and inspiring artists who cross or fall between or break apart borders, which the art in this auction does. Neat, right?

To tempt you to head over to, I’ve picked three of my favorite pieces. These are not all of my favorites, of course. I have something like 10. Click the images for bigger versions.

Berry Moon: Laments of a Muse (Dances with Anita #3)

This is a hat. A fancy, fancy hat that on one side has words sewn into it. Did I mention: fancy hat? Bidding begins November 23rd.


Even more striking in person, I love the interplay between glowing light and darkness here. Plus, you know, giant brain in the sky, people. That is some awesome right there. Goes up on November 21st.

The Child Empress Of Mars

This piece never fails to elicit a strong reaction from people. I suggest you click the image and see the full gallery because it looks weirder and weirder from every angle. It’s up for auction right now but ends on November 19th. As I continue to say, this is one of the most striking and evocative pieces in the auction, but there is usually some debate about whether it’s gorgeous or scary or both at once. Thoughts?

There are 31 pieces being auctioned, and though many beautiful pieces have already been scooped up there are plenty more to be had. Click here for a gallery of everything or click here to see the latest pieces. And bid! Support the arts by buying awesome art. What better way to spend that holiday money, right?


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    That creature is amazing–both gorgeous and scary, which is hard to strike a balance between I think. Were it luring me into its lair, I’d be doomed for sure.

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    Jane (the sculptor of the Child Empress of Mars) is a friend of mine from high school, and an all-around excellent person. I’m really glad to see her getting exposure (thanks, Tempest!); she deserves it, and the IAF is an excellent cause. She’s been making creepy-fabulous goblin-things and imp-things and crow-things for a long time, and she’s really good at it — if you miss out on the Child Empress, she has other goodies up on Etsy: . (N.B.: I’m pimping on my own here, not by anyone’s suggestion.)