Sunday Reading: Novella “Sublimation Angels” by Jason Sanford

Guest blogger Jason Sanford often rants on his website at His fiction has been published in Interzone, Year’s Best SF 14, Analog, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Pindeldyboz, and other places, and has won the 2008 Interzone Readers’ Poll and a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship.

When Jeff selected a group of guest bloggers to keep this site going while he was on his book tour, he told us “I don’t mind at all if you plug your projects, just vary the content if you do so.” I’m going to take him up on this with a blatant plug for my novella “Sublimation Angels.”

The novella was published in the Sept./Oct. 2009 issue of Interzone, a wonderful British SF magazine which I provided a sampler for last week. Anyway, my novella is now available as a PDF download and includes the great art Paul Drummond created for its initial Interzone publication. “Sublimation Angels” is a hard SF story with an old school twist, which SF Signal called “A captivating story about freedom, rebellion, and seeking the truth”  and Suite101 called “One of the best novellas of the year.”

Download the story here. I hope people enjoy it.

And in other news, the Nebula Awards nomination period is now open. I’ve posted information about the process and my nominations on my website. And no, this isn’t an attempt to bring “Sublimation Angels” some nominations. The novella isn’t eligible since it was published in Interzone, although why overseas print magazines aren’t eligible but overseas online magazines are is hard to understand.