From the Road: Blurry but Unbowed….

(Oh dear. This isn’t going to end well.)

You peeps? You still out there? Can you tell me what day it is? I think it might be Wednesday, but I’m not sure.

The book tour goes well–I’ve just written a little bit about it thus far for the Omnivoracious blog, including a mention of the remarkable Tio’s Tacos.

I’ve also started guest blogging over at Borders’ Babel Clash, along with David Anthony Durham and Paul Tremblay, who I’ll be reading with at the Boston Borders on November 20th. Check out posts on book covers, reality in fantasy, and more.

(The awesome students at CalState San Bernardino)

I’m heading back into Los Angeles this afternoon following a lovely event and dinner at Cal State San Bernardino, set up by the maximally talented Glen Hirshberg, who is truly a scholar and gentleman.

Tonight I am at Book Soup on the Sunset Strip, starting at 7pm. I’ll be telling the “professional cockroach” story, reading from Finch, giving a teaser of Booklife, and taking questions. I hope to see you there. Come on out and I promise you an entertaining show.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Voila! Huzzah! (Nope, not punch-drunk at all…)

(Jon Strongbow and his cool art, Pike’s Place Market, Seattle)


  1. Miiru says

    I have to wonder, given the photo up there… are VanderMeers like toads, wherein one can get high by licking it?

  2. says

    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday for your Northern California Tour! Folks, remember you can catch Jeff at Copperfields in Petaluma on Friday 11-13, SF in SF in San Francisco on Saturday 11-14, and at Clayton Books on Sunday, 11-15. I think, however Monday, 11-16 is reserved for Jeff’s nervous breakdown. ;)

  3. donnie b. says

    Sooooo Jeff, I am halfway through Finch! I wrote to you a while back saying I was wondering what happened to Duncan Shriek. I just found out! Wow. Reading Finch reminds me why I love fantastical literature. I don’t mean to stroke your ego but wow man. I’ve read Nabokov, Whittemore, Carter, Calvino, Borges, Alasdair Gray, Steve Erickson, etc. I can honestly tell you nothing compares to your Ambergris Cycle. These books captivate me like no other books I’ve ever read. The setting, the characters. I’m no scholar and I’m sure I’m not half as intelligent as you considering I am only 27 years old. I am also not a writer but I love to read fantastical literature. You are on the top of my list. I work at Borders and I always recommend your books to people who ask about a good fantasy series. Even though your work is more magical-realism. I don’t know if others feel the same way about your work but I stay up late at night reading your stuff. I can’t put Finch down now. I’ve spent countless hours trapped in Ambergris. Thank you for the intellectual excitement. Although I am bummed there won’t be any more stories set in Ambergris I will always cherish the ones that are. Sincerely, thank you. You are my favorite writer and you deserve all of your success. :~>

  4. Hellbound Heart says

    oh man…..oh man…..ohmanohmanohmanohman………donnie, i tell ya what mate, if my appetite hasn’t been whetted enough before well, my man, you’ve just lifted it to a near-frenzy…….goddam it it’s not fair that i have to wait until it comes halfway around the globe for me to read it……

    vandameers would taste like cherries with a faint aftertaste of fungal spore……

    peace and love…..