Centipede Press’ Amazing Hodgson, with Visionary Art by Fabian

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Centipede Press…words fail me. I’ve never seen a publisher, outside of the brazen brilliance of Savoy, tackle such stunning projects—and whereas Savoy works within a set format of regular-sized hardcovers collecting uncompromising, edgy outsiders that William Burroughs would laud, Centipede Press often creates oversized hardcovers of the more outsider horror writers. (The two presses are like cousins with a subset of similar interests.)

These projects by Centipede Press are, to me, insane in the best possible way. They seem, from the outside anyway, to require staggering resources and time to create, and they are always made with an eye to detail and a sophisticated aesthetic that doesn’t shy away from the pulp origins of the material.

Now Centipede Press has come out with a book fully the equal of the Lovecraft art volume from last year, this time collecting the work of William Hope Hodgson in a slipcased oversized hardcover featuring the art of Stephen Fabian. Every element of this book has been chosen with care, all possible options weighed before execution. From the full-page bleeds of Fabian’s visionary art to the lovely half-translucent page that balances the marvelous title page art by Ian Miller, from the choice of type to the introduction by Sam Moskowitz, this edition of Hodgson may never be matched.

See the slideshow above for some highlights–and feel free to share it. Honestly, if you’re a collector you need this book. Wow.


  1. says

    Occasionally come those days when I truly rue not having a much larger income – or lottery winnings stash. This is one of those days. I’ve spent the last hour feeling sorry for myself looking through Centipede’s catalog. Sigh.

    Gene Wolfe and John Brunner! On top of all that fantastic weird fiction. What a wonderful publisher.

    I’m just going to have to find a way.

  2. Ennis Drake says

    Not a collector, but you got it right: I need that book. I NEED that book. Neeeeeeed. Sweating with it. Cold-palmed with it. Itching with it. Neeeeeeed.

  3. says

    The book is astonishing — and I’ve just finish’d a YouTube vlog about the other wonders in their 2010/2011 catalog, one of which will be a HANNES BOK art book!! For me, ye moft exciting Centipede Press book will be an omnibus of mine own Lovecraftian fiction, edited & introduc’d by S. T. Joshi, to be publish’d October of next year. Another great book is IN THEIR OWN WORDS — THE WEIRD TALES CIRCLE. It was fabulous to meet you and Ann at last!

  4. Vincent Foris says

    One thing that needs to get mentioned about Centipede Press (and specifically Jerad Walters, who is the guy behind it) is how awesome they (he) treats the customers. Regularly included in the book shipments are all kinds of bonus materials, like artwork, other Centpidede Press titles, or other miscellaneous things. Jerad even threw in an “I can read” book for my daughter recently soon after I casually mentioned her in an email when I ordered the second Gene Wolfe book last year. I’ve done a lot of dealings with small specialty presses over the past several years and the customer service I’ve recieved from Centipede is way above all the rest (not to say that the rest have been sub-par, just that Jerad is up there in the superhero range)

    I just got the Hodgeson, Brunner titles, and a few more in the post today and I can never rave enough on how awesome the production values on these products are. I have a relatively enormous amount of books in my personal library and the Centipede Press titles quickly have become the prized cornerstone of my entire collection. As far as I’m concerned anything that they put out is worth the price.