On an Island, Storm Coming

Got out into the deep water swimming there for some reason after dark with the moon out, and Ann’s karate instructor or personal bodyguard is with us and then the storm starts to come up, with the moon occluded. And for some reason I decide to seek shelter farther out, on the island with the flimsy hut I see on it.

When I get out of the water, I realize Ann and the karate instructor are still treading water out there. I also realize the island is now surrounded by circling killer whales and the storm’s getting worse.

That’s when the polar bears, arctic foxes, wolves, and huge snowy owls pop up out of the sea and jump onto the island with me. Except now I realize it’s not really an island–it’s a large piece of floating ice.

All the animals are look at me. They all have huge, beautiful eyes. They’re just staring at me. Ann and the karate instructor are making for the shore. I think they believe I’ve already made it to shore. Indeed, I can see a dark figure waving from the beach.

But the animals are still staring. Huffing, too. Their proportions are all wrong. The owl’s as big as a polar bear, but the polar bear is about the six of a fox, and the fox is enormous. The fox is huffing. The storm’s coming up and the hut behind me is already being torn to bits. I don’t know what the animals want. I’m tempted to run past them into the water and risk the killer whales, whose fins keep cutting through the waves, glistening in the faint light left from the clouded moon.

The animals start to crowd me. Then I wake up. The whole experience has the terrible texture of something real, so I’m relieved it’s a dream, because it just didn’t seem like a tenable position, ya know?


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    ..sounds terrifying…….
    don’t really remember my dreams…….

    peace and love…..

  2. says

    I have had dreams like that – well not exactly like that – but dreams where you’re relieved to wake up and say to yourself “whew, thank god it was dream!”

  3. says

    Wow, that’s weird! I had the exact same dream at the exact same time but I was a giant owl and I was trying to tell you that a huge squad of penguins had been despatched by some monkey or other to take you out. However, all I could do was huff and stare at you. Next second you had disappeared and us animals were left to fend for ourselves. As you can imagine, we were all slaughtered (I was clubbed to death by a penguin wielding a baby seal) so, I’d suggest not coming back to the island, Jeff. Although on reflection I don’t think you can because the damn fox turned a frozen wheel in a secret chamber located underground and now it could be situated anywhere…

    Usually I don’t remember my dreams

    Oh, thanks for what you said about my eyes, yours are quite nice too :)

  4. Transfiguring Roar says

    I dream so much when I sleep, it’s not funny. Once I remembered four dreams from one sleep. And I’ve observed one dream transform into another. In one night I had three separate dreams about UFO’s and aliens, after I’d spoken with a guy who claims to have seen a UFO. Those dreams were terrifying.