Booklife, Booklifenow, Bookwork, Bookfatigue?

FURTHER UPDATE: Booklife makes Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list!!

UPDATE: Booklife’s Amazon ranking is up to around #350. I’m not a big believer in monitoring these rankings on a daily basis, but it strikes me as kinda fun to be within striking distance of the upper tier, so if you were planning on ordering the book and want to do me a favor, consider picking it up from Amazon today and let’s see if we can get that ranking even lower. Heh. Just because.

Thanks, dear bloggonauts, for your patience with the torrential downpour of posts on Finch and Booklife. The forecast calls for more rain this week, but it’ll clear up next week. Still, you’ll find non-Finch, non-Booklife content here by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I just wanted to call your attention to content posted on Booklifenow, and to Cory Doctorow’s review of Booklife on Boing Boing. This review, unsolicited, means a lot me.

As for content on Booklifenow, check out today’s post by John Coulthart on the cover for Booklife. Some of you may remember John’s original post about it on his site, but if you missed that, check it out on Booklifenow. We won’t do many “reprints” but it’s fitting to talk about the cover in our launch week. Also check out The Pillars of Your Public Booklife.