The Press Club, Portland, OR

Description: Join Underland Press to celebrate the weird and the wonderful with readings by acclaimed authors Jeff VanderMeer, Jay Lake, Cat Rambo, and Jeff Johnson. With art by Benjamin W. Burch and music by DJ Santo, along with crepes, wine, and beer at the Press Club, we’ll stay and talk fantastic lit ’till the management kicks us out.

When: Friday, November 6. Readings start at 5:30
Where: The Press Club, 2621 SE Clinton Portland, OR 97202

Who: Jeff VanderMeer, author of Underland’s newest release FINCH, is the award-winning writer behind the fictional world of Ambergris, and the man who Richard K. Morgan called “one of modern fantasy’s most original and fearless pioneers.”

Jay Lake, who “flicks ideas off [him]self the way a fourth grader flicks boogers,” is the author of ten novels and hundreds, if not thousands, of short stories. He is, as John Scalzi says, “the awesome of the awesome.” Cat Rambo, co-editor of the critically acclaimed FANTASY MAGAZINE, writes stories where chickens aid the lovelorn, Death is just another face on the train, and Bigfoot gives interviews to the media on a daily basis. Jeff Johnson, co-owner of Sea Tramp Tattoo Co. and author of the memoir TATOO MACHINE, is one of the best-known tattoo artists in Portland. Ask to hear his story about the serial murderer. It’s a doozy.

Underland Press is dedicated to publishing weird, strange, odd, and unsettling fiction. Founded in 2007 by an ex Dark Horse editor, the press hit the ground running with titles ranging from Martin Millar’s Queen Vex, to the Best American Fantasy series, to Brian Evenson’s Last Days. Limited editions of Underland books will be available to purchase at the reading.