Bookwork for a Booklife at the Hugo House, Seattle

Join Jeff VanderMeer at the Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, in Seattle for an event presented by the Fantastic Fiction Salon. Monday, Nov. 9, at 7:00pm.

BOOKWORK FOR A BOOKLIFE: Award-winning writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer shares the inside, often outrageous, details of working on successful, complex book projects, along with sustainable career and creativity advice for this new media age. The world of publishing is changing. How should you change with it, and what will remain the same? Practical, irreverent, idealistic, and brash, VanderMeer will give a talk followed by a discussion with series organizer Leslie Howle and then take questions from the audience. VanderMeer is the author of Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st-Century Writer. “A frank, revealing, riveting manual not simply on how to be a better wordsmith, but on how to be a better human being.” – Minister Faust