Revolution SF: Interview, Review, and ***SQUID DRAWING CONTEST***!!!!!!!!!!

I think you can tell from the image above that you can draw a better squid than me, and that you should enter Revolution SF’s awesome “Draw a Squid, Win All Three Ambergris Novels (plus soundtracks)” Contest. Go check out the rules. Please note that these are the three trade paperbacks, and that you will get all three soundtracks–by Robert Devereux, The Church, and Murder by Death–even though it says on that page just the Finch one. So…YOU ALL DAMN WELL BETTER DRAW SQUID, BECAUSE IT’LL BE ONE OF THE MOST FUN THINGS I GET TO DO ON THE ROAD DURING THIS BOOK TOUR–JUDGING YOUR SQUIGGLES. (Even better, some of this stuff might go into a future book…)

So spread the word about the contest, and also these other nice features they’ve been kind enough to do.

The awesome Peggy Hailey’s posted a review of Finch: “I’ve studied the King Squid and followed the discourses of a disgraced historian. I’ve witnessed murders and acts of grace and redemption. I’ve deciphered stories written in code and read monographs that revealed family secrets. I’ve attended the Festival of the Freshwater Squid and survived to tell the tale.”

The splendiferous Rick Klaw’s just interviewed me for his Baker’s Dozen, mostly about Finch: “There are many things in our reality that seem fantastical and alien. Mushrooms are one of those things. They’re neither animal nor plant yet have characteristics of both, and the biology behind them is fascinating. Fungus exists just about everywhere and is essential to life on Earth. Beyond that, they’re fascinating for their potential. Some types of mushrooms can help clean polluted areas. Others have been shown to dramatically reduce cancer rates. As for how I began to use them — they just organically became part of the story of Ambergris as I was writing the first stories.”

Finch is now shipping from Amazon, so, er, if you haven’t bought it, please consider buying it–and if you’ve gotten hold of an advance copy and liked it, please please write an Amazon review, should you have the time. (Official release date for bookstores: November 3rd.


  1. Drax says

    Great stuff, thanks! Wish I could come out and play. In the mean, I must admit I think of you every time this spot plays. Sorry if this is the six-trillionth time someone’s directed you to:

  2. jeff vandermeer says

    in what spot? you mean my crap ass drawing? lol. regardless, you will be graded more for creativity than your accuracy…

  3. says

    I count ten tentacles in Jeff’s crap-ass drawing…

    BTW, Drink Bird safari planning continues apace. Ann has seen the pocket program entry for the consuite and the mention of your event.

  4. jeff vandermeer says

    Cool, Andrew. Ann has an email in to you re supplies etc. If for some reason some kind of email snafu means you don’t have it by the time you read this, please email her. Thanks!