Things I Like Today

(Is it a good or bad thing that Neo lets us put coasters on him?)

I also like Charles Tan’s essay on sexism/racism in anthologies, Tessa’s run-down of the Halo collaboration, and John Scalzi’s post on girl cooties. The Tan essay analyzes things from a lot of different angles and provides a space for full discussion of the issue.

I also like Daniel Maier-Katkin’s Stranger From Abroad and long cats:


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    be very wary of your cat, jeff…’s the quiet ones that can go off without warning……..

    peace and love….

  2. Rachel Swirsky says

    I like that the cat with the coasters on him looks very, “hmm? what’s that?” rather than having that “I hate you for putting X on me” look that so many cats have on the page that’s devoted to putting stuff on cats.

  3. says

    Brugse Zot! (Fool from Brugues): I just had one yesterday.

    Not that you wanted to know that…;-)

    Looking forward to seeing Ann and you at WFC!