Bear with Me…

Just a note that with so many projects debuting this month or next, and so many other things starting up, I realize that there are probably too many entries that feel self-promotional. Thanks for your patience, I hope it isn’t becoming white noise. Unfortunately, most of this stuff is very important to my career and to my continued freelancing. Just know that starting in November you’ll have a wonderful bunch of guest bloggers posting on a wide variety of topics.

Right now, too, with the five-week endurance tour starting in only about two weeks, things are hectic and out of balance. If I haven’t replied to your email, that’s probably why. Just an incredible amount of work and writing to get done between now and the 27th. (And, frankly, if you’re interested in helping out re the tour or anything else, please drop me a line at vanderworld at

I hope you’re still enjoying the blog (are ya oh silent ones?).

P.S. Speaking of silent ones, Tessa at Silence Without has now posted her version of the Halo events dramatized downstream on this blog.


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    Enjoying your blog as always, Jeff. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to what’s new on your authorly horizon.