BLDGBLOG on Body Baroque (with a side of Veniss Underground)

The remarkable Geoff Manaugh has posted a fascinating entry about a project that “explores religious ritual and the human body, alongside an interest in “transitory sculptures,” processional routes, and a kind of body-futurist rediscovery of architectural ornament. Vortices of limbs ossify into cathedrals; overlapping anatomies become windows and valves.” Along the way, he quotes from Veniss Underground’s corpse cathedral scene. Check it out.

In related news, this event has been finalized for the fall book tour:

Columbus Circle Borders Bookstore in New York City, Saturday, Nov. 21, at 5pm – CITIES REAL AND UNREAL: Readings and discussion with World Fantasy Award winners Jeff VanderMeer and Jeffrey Ford, and BLDGBLOG creator Geoff Manaugh, moderated by’s Ron Hogan. What do writers take from the real world when creating their fantastical creations? What does the real world take from fantasy? A playful exploration against the backdrop of one of the world’s great cities! VanderMeer’s new noir phantasmagoria, Finch, takes place in a once-prosperous failed city-state and features a detective who must navigate its many ambiguities to solve a double murder. Manaugh’s BLDG BLOG BOOK from Chronicle Books is a biography of the city through essays and interviews. Ford has written about both historical and fantastical cities in his many critically acclaimed novels and stories. Come out to celebrate the squalor, the possibilities, and the madness of cities.


  1. Juha T says

    Very cool! I thought of Veniss when I saw the pictures on BLDGBLOG, but hadn’t yet had time to read the text, so didn’t realize he actually quoted from it.

  2. Hellbound Heart says

    oh that’s a freaky piece of art……also reminds me of something that could’ve come out of an alien movie, mean that in the nicest possible way, of course…..

    peace and love…..