Brian Evenson’s Last Days Limited Edition–Special Offer

If you haven’t read Brian Evenson’s Last Days…you should. It’s a spectacular work of existential noir, mixed with a heaping helping of Grand Guignol and Kafka-esque dream logic. Now there’s a hardcover limited edition available, also through Underland Press. Each copy comes individually wrapped, and with a letterpress dust jacket personalized by the author. Brian’s written a different passage from the novel on each cover. You can order the limited edition here, and between now and October 1st, if you mention you read about Last Days here, you’ll also get a free copy of Underland Press’s trade paper release of The Pilo Family Circus.


  1. swartzfeger says

    Evenson’s work transformed me, much like JV’s work. I had a short story collection of Evenson’s work but for some reason it gathered dust on my ‘to read’ pile. A friend recommended Last Days, and knowing about his excommunication from the LDS, I pulled the trigger.

    I really dislike resorting to hyperbole, but dizzying and stunning come to mind when I think about Last Days. It affected me deeply as a reader and a writer.

    If I understand it correctly, Last Days was originally a short story or novella, which was then fleshed out (pun unintentional) into a full-length work. If there’s any flaw that I could find with Last Days (and this is truly a minor nit), I could sense that Last Days was appended in order to make it book length. By no means slap dash, but the original first part stands on it’s own as an incredible story.

    Last Days is a challenging read — you won’t be taking this to the beach. It is a great examination of what it means to lose yourself, one piece at a time.

  2. says

    I would take advantage of this cool offer, but I already ordered/received the limited, plus I have the review copy for the Eliot book (very good, I might add). I will say that the limited is just as nice as described above, plus the binding and paper quality are excellent.

  3. swartzfeger says

    Oh, I didn’t mean Last Days was challenging in the sense of time it took to read — it was remarkably quick.

    The challenging part, for me, was that I kept pausing to consider the implications, and fiction rarely does that. The whirlpool that Kline (and the reader) get sucked into is brisk.

  4. says

    Heh. Of course.

    I just bought both novels about a month ago (though Last Days was just the regular copy), so I won’t be enjoying the greatness of this deal. Both books are fantastic though–in terms of writing and quality, even for the standard–and worthy additions to a collection.

  5. says

    Victoria here, from Underland. I wanted to write in briefly to talk about what swartzfeger mentioned, namely that the two parts of the novel were written separately, as novellas. The second part, Last Days, wasn’t tacked on to make it novel length. Actually, what happened was I read the first novella, The Brotherhood of Mutilation, and I asked Brian if he had written a follow up. “Just finishing it right now,” he said. And so the book was born.

    The project is formally interesting, I think, because both parts have the characteristics of novellas, but together they make a whole. I don’t know if I”d call that whole formally a novel, but it’s a whole, nonetheless. And so we published it as one–novel length, but maybe not a novel… Personally, I’m fascinated by formal concerns, and the chance to read to novellas back to back was stunning and very informative.

    I’m glad you all seemed to like the book. Now recommend it to your friends! (It’s a hard one to recommend, I know… What do you say? “Hey, honey, feel like reading about a cult of mutilation?”)

    Thanks for listening. And thanks, Jeff, for posting about the limited. This is Underland’s first book, so I have a special feeling for it.


  6. swartzfeger says

    Thanks for the clarification, Victoria. Last Days is a fantastic read and always recommend it to folks. The limited edition looks quite nice!

  7. Hellbound Heart says

    i’ll add it to the ever-growing list of books that i’d love to read but unfortunately don’t have the time to….*sigh*

    peace and love……

  8. swartzfeger says

    Hellbound, I’d make the time if your budget allows. Last Days was an a quick read for me (and I’m a slow reader). Evenson’s got his game on.