Catching Up With Linkage: Moers, Stone Brewing, Apex

Lately on Amazon, I’ve posted the following:

Walter Moers returns with more genius-level insanity.

What book would go best with Stone’s 09.09.09 Vertical Ale?

What are your favorite graphic novels of the year so far?

Brian Slattery’s top ten books that don’t get enough respect.

Matthew Cheney’s interview with Samuel R. Delany.

In other news Apex asked me for my top three books and stories that everyone should be reading. Go check it out.


  1. says

    Moers has been a favorite of mine since I stumbled across him in my local library a couple years ago. I am a connoisseur of creativity, and that is Moers’ forte.
    I got an ARC from Overlook for posting my unrequited love of Moers’ here on Ecstatic Days a couple weeks ago, so in a round-about way, thanks Jeff!