Things That Won’t Be Happening This Year…

Finch, Booklife, Last Drink Bird Head, some short fiction projects, a humongous book tour upcoming, and any number of other things mean the following Won’t Be Happening This Year.

– The Leonardo Variations – a Clarion charity anthology
– Mapping the beast – a best-of the Leviathan series
– Leviathan 5 – reading period postponed
– Borne – the next novel, about a giant ravenous bear
– Beluga! – working title of the text-with-marine-photos SF story book
– Learning French – yes, I planned on learning French this year
– Ministry of Whimsy chapbook series – for emerging writers
– Love Drunk Book Heads – nonfiction book of interviews about books
– The Memories of Others – near-future SF Novel
– Heart of the Beast – collab fantasy novel

Ah well. The good news is, all of them except learning French and possibly Love Drunk should happen next year. Unless I die of exhaustion first.


  1. says

    I have to admit, it’s still the good old novel projects that have me most excited, but lots of great stuff you’ve got lined up Jeff. The MoW chapbooks sound like a great idea.

  2. Hellbound Heart says

    oh come on jeff what’s the real reason things’ll have to wait until next year? holiday in bermuda? addicted to daytime tv and the couch? renovations to the house? or being beseiged by a houseful of cats? this reader wants to know!!!

    peace and love……

  3. JesseBirdHead says

    Is “Heart of the Beast” the collab with Mr. Lake? I’m still looking forward to it, but i guess now with binoculars. Also, A near-future SF from you sounds delightful, considering “Balzac’s War” was the first thing I ever read of yours.

  4. says

    Meine Couch ist jetzt schon ein paar Jahre alt und jetzt muss ich mir dringend eine neue kaufen. Habe einen kleinen Hund geschenkt bekommen und der knabbert jetzt alles an, also auch mein Sofa. Möchte natürlich nicht, das mein neues Sofa in kürzester Zeit so aussieht wie mein altes und deshalb sollte es aus einem Soff sein der auch was aushält. Habe keine Ahnung welche Stoffe besonders strapazierfähig sind und hoffe das mir hier jemand weiterhelfen kann.