Manuel’s North Avenue Room, in Atlanta with Will Hindmarch

I frankly love doing gigs in bars, and Manuel’s is an Atlanta institution. Will Hindmarch is the genius behind this event, and we’ll be doing short readings, taking questions, drinking and generally having a great time. Including special guest J.M. McDermott, author of Last Dragon. Come join us.

I’ll be reading from my novel Finch.

Description: An exciting noir thriller set in a fantastical city. The final, stand-alone installment of the critically acclaimed Ambergris Cycle: “Tasked with solving an impossible double murder, detective John Finch searches for the truth among the rubble of the once mighty city of Ambergris, a metropolis unlike any other in or out of history. Under the rule of the gray cap masters, Ambergris is crumbling into anarchy and rebellion. The remnants of a rebel force are demoralized and dispersed. Partials—human traitors transformed by the gray caps—walk the streets brutalizing the city’s human inhabitants. In this powerful and poignant novel, the past and the future, the cosmic and the gritty, collide. What will happen if Finch uncovers the truth? What will happen if he doesn’t? And will Ambergris ever be the same?”



“A clear signal, if one were ever needed, that he remains one of modern fantasy’s most original and fearless pioneers.” – Arthur C. Clarke Award winner Richard K. Morgan

“I can’t remember ever reading a book like “Finch”. Audacious in technique, and extravagant in imagination, it has the rare quality of making the macabre poignant. In the midst of a disturbed and disturbing narrative landscape, Jeff VanderMeer gives us deeply sympathetic characters–especially Finch himself–who inspire us to care about their flawed and tyrannized world. I’m impressed.” – Stephen R. Donaldson

“FINCH just blew me to hell and gone. I would have sworn you can’t unite noir and fantasy, and oh how gloriously wrong Jeff VanderMeer proved me to be. Finch is a detective unlike any you’ve encountered and is utterly compelling. He is faced with a double murder that you shake your head, go….you’re done Finch. Not quite. I loved the meeting of the grime and the sublime and oh so beautifully crafted. Rarely has a novel got it all. Think Cormac McCarthy, via David Goodis, with an amazing nod to Lovecraft and still that doesn’t quite capture the spell this novel casts from the off. Me, I loved the Heretic. That’s a hint.” – Ken Bruen