In Tallahassee? Help Ann Celebrate Winning the Hugo (Mellow Mushroom, Saturday, Aug. 22)

Ann brought a Hugo Award back from Montreal’s WorldCon, and this Saturday, August 22, she’s going to bring that award to the Mellow Mushroom for an informal little party from 7pm to 9pm. Drop by and help her celebrate. We’ll be hanging out in the room next to the bar for the most part, although there’s extra space on the deck. Should be fun!

Directions to Mellow Mushroom.

P.S. My piece on Ann in Omnivoracious got run through a translator and back again on this site.

Stephen H. sculpturer and Ann VanderMeer, retentive their Hugos after the ceremony. Ann is a lowercase crooked over because the honor is rattling heavy. king Howell fashioned this year’s edition of the award; the humble is prefabricated in conc…eption from metropolis granite. The long-running novelist Awards for excellence in power falsity and vision are declared during an enlarge start at digit of genre’s big con.”


  1. says

    Curses! 12000 km of inconvenience between Cape Town and Tallahassee might make it tricky to join in the celebrations. Hope the party is amazing, Ann so totally deserves that giant shiny lump of rock and rocket.

  2. Hellbound Heart says

    hey, mate, buy me a return ticket from brisbane and i’ll be there!!! i’ll even bring some XXXX and VB to share…….

    failing that, i’ll be with you guys in spirit instead……

    peace and love…..

  3. GlenH says

    The PS is hilarious. Someone needs to edit a book of the funniest (and perhaps most profound) web mis-translations.

  4. GlenH says

    “…was introduced to newborn friends. ”

    “We hit enthusiastic artists and volunteers, too.”

    “Ann VanderMeer: Stephen and I were told by everyone, and I stingy EVERYONE, that we would retrograde to Locus. The prototypal abstract you told me when I was appointed after congratulating me was that I was feat to lose. If you verify a countenance at every the predictions, we were feat to lose.”

    “I advert locution impart you in every module that I knew, modify Hebrew! ”

    “We want Weird Tales to be the trailblazing entrepot of the 21st century meet as it was for the 20th.”

    “Trying to intend us every to bear pretty, same gregarious cats, you know?”

    “Such an flowing of **** and morality everyplace I looked.”

    *dies laughing*

  5. says

    Congrats, Ann! Will be tipping a brew to you here in Austin.

    And, errr…someone might want to talk to that translator. It looks like he/she was trying to prove the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?

  6. says

    Have a blast! You both earned a celebration!

    I’ll help you celebrate in San Diego at WFC. Scheduling magically worked out and it looks like I should be going to San Diego.

  7. Rick says

    Thank you so much for the open invitation. As a Tallahassee resident it was great to meet you two – and see the trophy, too! Congratulations!